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Caramelised Onion and Bean salad

onion salad

When you are wanting to try something different, but don’t want to put in a lot of effort, our caramelised onion and bean salad is an absolute winner! It is really simple to make, has very few ingredients, yet packs a punch for the taste buds. I use a parsley base for multiple reasons. Firstly, […]

Roast Turnip and Greens Grain Salad

Roast Turnip and Greens Grain Salad

There was a time when I thought that turnips were only good for a farmers potage. Boy was I wrong! This warm roast turnip and greens grain salad really allows the delicious turnips to make centre stage and be celebrated.Made more wholesome by using whole grains, and even more nutritious with some leafy greens, it […]

Broccoli and Carrot Top Soup

Broccoli and carrot top soup

What is great about broccoli and carrot top soup is that you get a nutritious dish and zero foot wastage! A simple dish that can be thrown together in just over half an hour makes it also a great dish for evenings where you want to eat well but don’t have as much time as […]