Odd shaped duck eggs

duck eggs

When poultry begin laying for the first time, there can be some rather unusual eggs that are produced! Ducks are no exception – the first eggs that come from a duck can be rather odd shaped.

Earlier this year we were able to get six wonderful little Khaki Campbell X ducks from Maureen up in Altona. They were only a couple of months old (about 12 weeks) in February, so we were expecting duck eggs from these birds starting in May.

To our surprise they started laying a little early in April. There’s only been a handful of eggs from Maureen’s ducks so far, but it’s quite clear they are the ones producing the odd shaped eggs duck eggs that I am finding each morning. Our other ducks are consistently laying the same size and shaped eggs.

Our first odd shaped duck egg from Maureen’s ducks. You can see how small it is and the calcium deposits sread across the shell. It’s the size of a quail egg!

It’s not only small and calcified eggs that are produced in the early stages of a duck’s laying life. There are some genuinely misshapen eggs. Have a look at our featured photo at the top of this page to see a warped duck egg.

Given time, these ducks will almost certainly begin laying the standard shaped duck egg. Patience may be required, but I’m confident that they’ll all get there in the end!

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