Duck Eggs at Polperro Winery

duck eggs at Polperro winery 3
Our duck eggs are used in the finest restaurants and wineries on the Mornington Peninsula. One of our biggest supporters is Executive chef Michael Demagistris of Polperro winery. We first met Michael when he was head chef at East Bar and Dining in Mt Martha (Michael was able to achieve a Hat in the first year of trading).

Flinders island wallaby tartare, nori, cured duck yolk, miso


We separate the yolk from the white and cure the yolk in salt, sugar and roasted nori. It becomes quite firm which allows us to grate the duck yolk finely over the wallaby tartare.
We also make a duck yolk custard which we add to the tartare to enhance the duck egg flavour in the dish.
Also on this dish we serve a pepper berry lavash as well. Duck eggs are used in the dough.
Michael Demagistris from Polperro winery is one of the most talented and innovative chefs around and it is a pleasure to provide him with our duck eggs. If you have a chance to experience his food, take the opportunity and you won’t be disappointed.
Don’t be afraid to experiment with unusual ingredients – you never know what you might be able to create!

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