Learn to graft fruit trees – our first workshop!

Learn to graft fruit trees 5

Have you ever wanted to learn how to create your own food forest or plant a few fruit trees in your backyard? Well our workshop on Saturday 4 August might be the place to learn to graft fruit trees! Rach grafted a heap of fruit trees last year, and with Master Grafter Neil Barraclough leading the workshop there will be plenty of information to absorb.


We’ve planted over 200 fruit trees across the farm over the last year. By grafting them ourselves we saved over $5000! Plus we were able to choose heritage and heirloom varieties that aren’t commonly available from the shops. By having a wide range of apples, we should be able to harvest from January to June. It will be great selling fresh apples for 6 months of the year, without needing cool or gas storage.

Grafting is a skill that is useful whether you’re putting in an orchard, or whether you’re an avid gardener at home. By grafting multiple varieties, or even fruit types onto a single tree, you can:

  • fill pollination requirements,
  • maximise space, and
  • extend your harvest

And you can graft more than just fruit trees. Most nut trees are grafted, and some flowering trees are as well. The possibilities are endless!

We’re busy organising the take-home notes for the workshop, and sorting out a delicious morning tea. We’re super excited about our first farming workshop, and there are still a handful of places remaining for the workshop, but registrations are required. Hope to see you here!

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