Farm photos in August 2018

Lambs at Heritage Farm

Winter has been much drier than last year. With lower rainfall, we’ve got less water stored for the warmer months. At least all of our animals are enjoying the better weather. As of August 2018 we’ve only had one or two bad frosts – compared to at least six last year!

Lambing in August 2018

Over the last month we’ve had plenty of new lambs. And that means that the ewes are eating and drinking lots and taking care of (up to) quadruplets! It’s meant that we’re constantly running around the paddock chasing sheep and within only a few days it becomes really difficult to catch each lamb. Soon we’ll make a blog post about this year’s lambing.

Ducks in August 2018

Our ducks are laying plenty, and you might start to see half-dozen cartons available in local farm gates and shops. Retail is where we’re heading soon, and our fingers are firmly crossed for success! Local restaurants and wineries are still regular and you can eat our eggs at most of the restaurants/wineries down the Mornington Peninsula.

Spring is when ducks tend to become more broody and may want to hatch their own ducklings. This is something we’re looking at doing again this year, but it can be a bit of a juggle maintaining supply of eggs to customers at the same time.

You can see our Saxony ducks below. They’re apricot in colour, with the Saxony drakes with a silver head. While they’re beautiful and we’ve trialled the dual purpose duck experiment, we might be moving some on soon. If you’re interested in buying some, let us know!

Chickens in August 2018

Our chickens are running loose, and enjoying their freedom. You can find them roosting in our trees at night. But at least we’re getting plenty of eggs. Port Phillip Estate is buying most of our chicken eggs, but we often have chook eggs available on Saturday mornings.

Cows and more!

We’ve been running a heap of farm tours for kindergartens, schools and just our regular farm tours too. Matilda and Chestnut our cows tend to be the most popular animals on the farm. Getting a big lick from a cow is certainly much more popular than I had ever imagined!

Cow at Heritage Farm in August 2018

Plenty going on here, but with some nicer weather expected in Spring we can start to do more work outside. Keep your eyes peeled for farm working bees!

2 thoughts on “Farm photos in August 2018

  1. Samantha Biggins says:

    Hi Matt,
    I bought a couple of Indian Runner Ducks from you a few weeks ago and I am very interested in about a couple of Saxony Ducks. You said at the time that you might be moving them on soon and I have just seen your post stating the same. Please let me know if you would be willing to sell me 4 Females. Thank you!

    • Matt Taylor says:

      Hi Samantha,
      Hope you’re enjoying the Runners. I hadn’t forgotten your interest in the Saxony ducks, but I’ll send you an email shortly! It’s been on my to-do list 🙂


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