Maison de Partage: A New Kid on the Block

Two months ago we were lucky enough to be approached by Dallas and his team from Maison de Partage. They were in the process of putting together what looks like a fabulous menu for a sustainable, ethical, and local dining experience at Hotel Sorrento. And they wanted our duck eggs to be a part of it.

Dallas, Melissa and Nathan came out to our farm to check out exactly what it is we do. And while they were here we had the chance to ask them some questions about what inspires them.

  1. What does the name Maison de Partage mean?

Maison de Partage translates to The House of Sharing and aspires to bring together local farmers and producers to share the amazing produce and products that are available on the Mornington Peninsula, where like minded people can collaborate and share their visions, values, beliefs and knowledge.

  1. Who makes up your team?Maison de Partage team at Heritage Farm

Our core Team consists of:

  • Melyssa Fraser, Maitre’d and Finance,
  • Nathan Tyler, co Head Chef and Research and Development and,
  • Myself, Dallas Reilly also co Head Chef and Research and Development.
  1. What inspires you as a chef?

As a Chef I am inspired by many, many things, from amazing produce and the drive to honour the practices that are behind the product to simply providing a memorable and informative dining experience for my guests that I hope will provoke feelings and thought.

  1. What is it about the Mornington Peninsula that makes the produce so great?

I believe that it is a combination of the unique environment and the dedication, values and drive of the farmers and producers down here that makes the produce so great, there are a lot of farmers and producers on the Mornington Peninsula aspiring to do unique and amazing things.

  1. Why is food ethics and organics important to you?

We believe it is so important for us in the hospitality industry, and especially as chefs, as we are on the front line to help educate and pass on knowledge of sustainability, organics and ethically farming in an effort to change the future of food and farming practices, to steer away form the monoculture of mass production and get back to using seasonal produce and using all of the produce, products and animals that are available to us and also to educate about the benefits of cooking with rotational crops that help replenish the soil.

  1. There’s heaps of good food on the peninsula; why is your launch dinner on the 12th of October unique? 

We aim for the evening to be a unique and informative dining experience where the approach to food and service is different and accessible for all.

So there you have it folks- if you’re looking for something to do this Friday night, you can still get tickets here. It’s a five course degustation menu, featuring our duck eggs as well as lamb from Woolumbi Farm. Accompanying each course is a paired wine from Foxeys Hangout. Hope we see you there!

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