Filming at Heritage Farm

Kingsley and Hannah Filming at Heritage Farm

Filming at Heritage Farm feels like a really strange concept to us – but it’s been happening on the property over the last couple of months. The farm is looking really good, and the extra space we have in our farmhouse has provided another option for directors. Our focus has been on farm stay and farm tours to supplement our food production income and having some filming on site has been a bonus.

Filming a promotional video

Doug from Impercar shot a short promotional video for Sankiri dog training. Doug was professional and creative, and included our little boy Kingsley and his aunt Hannah in the video. With the wonderful weather that we’ve been having it’s made the farm look stunning.

Most of the filming was completed in our farm stay accommodation, with a cute puppy featuring, actors, sound, lighting, filming and a baby! It was all systems go for a good chunk of the day. The whole process for filming the promotional video was interesting.

With a little bit of notice, we’re able to make adjustments and accommodate most requests for filming. Both Doug and Lorraine from the dog training company were really happy with the process. Once the film is completed, a link should be included here – otherwise check the Impercar website.


Short films

Earlier this year in May, as large group of students shot a short film here at Heritage Farm. Maria and her fellow students stayed in our farm stay for a few days while the film was shot. The film itself focused on the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder story of a young man returning from overseas duty. Much of the filming was completed out in the field and even included actors jumping into our dams. That’s not something I would want to do in such a cold part of the year! During the film shoot there was a couple of changes in personnel for the film students, but these challenges were overcome.

Maria and her students were over the moon with their results.

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