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Starvation in Springtime

capsicum seedling

It’s a heartless headline, maybe. But historically it’s accurate. Pre-supermarkets, pre-freezers, and pre processed foods with used by dates years away, spring was the time that people starved. It still can be in subsistence societies with a temperate climate. Winter, although cold, is easy to get through with the bounty of autumn. Cabbages, broccoli, greens, […]

What’s In Your Veggie Box (29A)

In the small and regular boxes: Silverbeet – One of my all time favourite leafy greens! Add it to a warm winter stew with beans and chickpeas or cook up a delicious creamy silverbeet pasta sauce. Leeks – The perfect base to any meal, including lasagne, stews, soups or frittatas. Substitute pumpkin, broccolini and silverbeet […]

What’s in Your Veggie Box (28B)

In the small and regular boxes: Bok Choy – You could steam or stir fry bok choy, but for something a little different here’s a delicious bok choy, beetroot and feta salad, or even this fabulous spicy potato, bok choy and spring onion hash! Potatoes – For a delightful dinner this week, make Amy’s Green […]