What’s in Your Veggie Box (Week 26B)

BONUS: This week you will find a bulb of sprouting garlic in your box. This is a gift from Lynton, one of our farmers. Plant it out in the garden (here are some tips), and you’ll have quite a few bulbs come summer. They’ll be smallish due to the late planting though. If you don’t have room outside, just plant in a small container on the windowsill of your kitchen, and harvest the tops as garlic greens. These have a lovely mild garlic flavour, and will grow for about 4 weeks before the bulb is exhausted.

In the small and regular boxes:

RadishFor a long time my knowledge of eating radishes was limited to slicing them raw into a salad on or on toast, but after acquiring an abundance of radishes a few months ago, I quickly realised that they have so much more potential. Two of my favourite ways of eating them were sliced up finely, pan-fried with greens and linguine, and for brunch of poached eggs with buttered radishes and spring onions.

Avos – You really don’t need to stray any further from a simple smashed avo on toast, and spice it up a little with a poached egg, some toasted sunflower seeds, pinenuts and pepitas, buttery and herby mushrooms, feta and a homemade beetroot hummus. But for something a little different, here’s an exotic silky avocado ice cream!

Green cabbage – For some beautiful cabbage recipes, have a dig through our archives to make Gunbritt’s tasty stuffed cabbage rolls or Amy’s mouthwatering whole roasted cabbage. You could also make some pickled cabbage as a side for souvlaki.

Turnips– If you’re in a hurry this week simply add the turnips to any recipe with potatoes in them (roast, mash or stew) and enjoy the increased complexity of flavour. If you’ve got a little time to experiment try this Apple and Turnip Slaw. And don’t forget your turnip tops; saute with garlic and serve as a side, or try this Turnip Top, Bacon and Lemon Orechiette. (Feel free to use lime instead of lemon if you have some left over from last week)

Leeks – I love a tasty leek, carrot and potato pie sitting beside the fire on a wintery June weekend. For a lovely family lunch you could also cook up Bill Granger’s open faced feta and leek omelette.

Broccoli – With the shortest day of the year behind us, we can start to experience more sun, but still cold days. Doesn’t it sound truly wonderful to end the day with a nice broccoli soup?

In the large boxes:

Chard – Perfect for adding to a sauté, a salad or a baked dish. Or even a quick pasta meal, though you can’t go wrong whipping up a beautiful green vegetarian curry.

Potatoes – I’ve always seen people at festivals and markets walking around with a variation of these terrific tornado potatoes, and have been desperate to try them myself! From wedges, to hash browns to potato gems, potatoes are the ultimate comfort food, and I hope they bring you all a little warmth and cheer on these chilly Winter nights.

Mushrooms – Enjoy in creamy silverbeet and mushroom pasta. Another enticing mushroom recipe I’m looking forward to adapting with this season’s veg is Jamie’s crispy mushroom shawarma (perfect for this week’s radishes as well!).

In the fruit boxes:

Kiwi fruit – I’m super thrilled about this new addition to our fruit boxes and have been eagerly awaiting their arrival. Don’t forget that you can also eat the furry skin to avoid any wastage and have an extra burst of nutrients! Combine apple and kiwi in a crumble, jam or smoothie.

Oranges – As always, orange juice and slices of orange always make a wonderful addition to salads, or how about treating yourself to a freshly squeezed OJ for breaky?

Apples – This week we should be getting some of my favourite Pink Lady apples! So beautifully sweet, slice them up and take them with you for a picnic in the park!

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