Local Honey

honey and bee hives

The connection between different plants and animals is fundamental to producing good food in a regenerative manner. Insects are a bridge between the plant and animal world, providing pollination and we all know how important they are to our food systems. Local honey is just one of the benefits.

Just near our farm shop we have some bee hives. When the bees aren’t hanging around Linda working quietly in the vegetable paddock, they’re busy buzzing away in flowers up to 5km away.

Paul the Bee Guy manages the hives here at Heritage Farm. And there are quite a few hives here now – over 12 in fact. Our bees mostly grow up and mature here and then they’re moved on to hives elsewhere to produce much larger quantities of honey. I guess we’re sort of like a bee incubator. But we’re still an important cog in the bee chain.

Bees provide honey. Which means we can now offer some of Paul’s honey, harvested from a couple of local locations. All the information can be found on the glass jars, and each jar is 500g of cold pressed, honey that has not been ultra-fine filtered.

The connection with plants and insects is really important, and we’re lucky to have a home for bees here at the farm. Long may it continue!

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