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We want you to see and understand what we’re doing here at the farm. There are now so many options at sharing what people and organisations are doing (writing, audio, video etc), we’re going to try a couple out and see what happens.

Each week we’ve been writing blog posts, to provide some updates. But that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. So to try and cater for more varied interest, we’re going to trial some videos. Brace yourself, and please bear with us!

Here’s our first effort at sharing some video of the animals. It features our sheep in June before the rains really started to hit. Green grass and lovely afternoon light is a great mix 🙂

Sharing more video content is a bit of a trial, so any feedback that you have (hopefully constructive!) is really appreciated.

Getting better at video

We would like to learn the type of content that we should be sharing with you. Social media is often filled with animals and cuteness, and we’re happy to focus on that side of the farm. Equally, we can start to share more technical or boring bits too. Just share below in the comments section or get in touch with us.

Actual farm updates

Now that winter truly has hit us, we’re pretty wet. This means that the ducks and sheep are moving every single day. And gumboots are compulsory for everyone!

The ducks of course love this weather. They couldn’t be happier swimming in the streams, dibbling in puddles and splashing away in freezing cold weather. Even if it’s frosty in the morning, the ducks are positively chipper.

The sheep are less happy with wet feet and they’re looking a little grubbier than usual with some extra mud in the paddocks.

Our chooks are starting to lay a little bit more thank goodness. And the alpacas are enjoying the farm tour experience again.

We’ve got some exciting plants sprouting in the greenhouse and we’ll share a bit more about them once they’re a bit bigger.

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