What’s In Your Veggie Box (29A)

In the small and regular boxes:

Silverbeet – One of my all time favourite leafy greens! Add it to a warm winter stew with beans and chickpeas or cook up a delicious creamy silverbeet pasta sauce.

Leeks – The perfect base to any meal, including lasagne, stews, soups or frittatas. Substitute pumpkin, broccolini and silverbeet into this leek tart for a wonderful seasonal dinner.

Turnips These beautiful turnips are a real treat! Roasted in the oven with some potatoes (also toss in some pumpkin and carrots) with some herbs and spices is a wonderful way to enjoy their distinct flavour. Remember to save the green tops to eat as well in a pasta or stir fry.

Pumpkin – A good old hearty lasagne is the ultimate family meal – this week have a go at a pumpkin, silverbeet and ricotta lasagne!

Carrots – During these chilly dark winter evenings, it’s always a good idea to cook up a nice hot comforting bowl of carrot and pumpkin soup served with some warm crusty bread!

Purple Baby Broccoli (On Friday) – Blanched and dressed in a sesame sauce, this gomaee is such a tasty way to eat broccolini! Serve it with some crispy tofu or pan fried salmon.

Baby Cauliflower (On Tuesday) – We’re expecting to get some striking purple cauliflowers in Tuesday, perfect for a colourful salad, or roasted in the oven whole with a tahini and fresh mint sauce.

In the large boxes:

Potatoes – Amy’s recent recipe for jersualem artichokes and potato rosti looks incredibly scrumptious and is a wonderful way to get creative with your veg (this week you could substitute potato and carrot, or even potato and leek!). Absolutely delicious served with some poached eggs, some sauteed silverbeet, chilli, and mushies, and maybe even some homemade hollandaise sauce!

Broccoli – A favourite meal in our house recently has been oven roasting all our broccoli, brussels sprouts, chunks of pumpkins (always keep the skin on!), carrots, kale and beetroot with some rose harissa and olive oil and serving it with some black rice, soft goats cheese and smoked trout. Quick and easy!

Brussels Sprouts – For a different combination of flavours use some fresh herbs, maple syrup, balsamic vinegar, mustard and olive oil to make a glaze for these maple balsamic brussels sprouts and potatoes.

In the fruit boxes:

Oranges – Last week while we were all still enjoying our freedom, I was in one of my favourite local cafes and saw that they had some homemade orange extract on the counter. It’s a great way of utilising orange peels and a wonderful addition to marinades, sauces, baking and desserts, or even adding to cocktails!

Apples – Stewed apple is a simple way of cooking up your fruit and enjoying it with yoghurt and cereal, or even in a steaming hot apple pie with custard.

Mandarins – If you’ve got a little extra time on your hands and you fancy getting a bit creative you could make your own mandarin marmalade!

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