Important Changes

Heritage Farm team - Amy, Boris and Cleo

“The only constant in life, is change”

In 2016 Rach and I moved to a humble property in Moorooduc and began our farming journey. Five years on and Heritage Farm has become a chapter in life for a dozen team members, about 30 organic farmers, hundreds of local families, almost a hundred sheep, 500 chooks, 3 alpacas and our little family of three ish. Call it chance or something else, we feel lucky to have had such a great experience connecting with everyone. So thank you for your support.

We have an incredibly strong belief that local, organic produce and minimising waste is important to us and our community (you!). And it’s for this reason we were so keen to ensure the program continued even while we were no longer at the helm.

As Rach and I begin our transition away I wanted to share some updates on some of the changes that are happening here. Familiar faces are finding new paths, while you will get to meet (friendly) new faces.

The team

Amy has just had her baby. Cléo is a couple of weeks old now and doing very well. Amy is settling into a new routine and is thoroughly enjoying this time. While we may see Amy again in the future, she’s decided to spend plenty of time and energy with Cléo for now.

Cléo. Boris and Amy’s new baby.

Francesca‘s passion is wrangling animals and digging weeds. And with a suitable position secured at Burnham Beeches and working the prolific gardens at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Fran is able to continue her outdoor work. Over the last couple of years Fran has been an absolute champion, able to jump in and try to fix any (and many) metaphorical fires that keep popping up. Her connection with many of our sheep was something special, and I hope some of you were able to experience it on one of our farm tours. Fran is wrapping things up at the farm and then will be at Burnham Beeches full time. Fran didn’t like being photographed 🙂

Rach is pregnant and having a particularly unpleasant time at the moment, but is helping with the transition when and where she can. Our plan is to find our feet over the next few months. And after five years of not much of a break, this next chapter is much needed! Rach definitely didn’t want a photo taken either, but I’ve included one from 2018.

About us - Matt Rach and Kingsley
Matt, Rach and Kingsley.

Steve is a new face and he is beginning to coordinate our vegetable box program. On our mailing list as a vegetable box customer, Steve applied for the Coordinator position and shares a passion for local, organic produce. He’s been learning the ropes a little so far, and I’ve no doubt you’ll be communicating with him directly soon. Steve loves the outdoors and lives just down the road in Tyabb.


Cameron will continue to pack boxes and deliver on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And Laura continues in her role bookkeeping and packing the vegetable boxes.


Without chooks, there are no more organic eggs being produced at Heritage Farm. Our last chickens left the property over the last week, and we are currently sourcing chook eggs from an organic grower nearby. While the rest of their farm is organic, and don’t use sprays or antibiotics etc, their chooks eggs don’t eat 100% certified organic feed like ours did. It’s incredibly difficult to find anyone producing genuinely organic eggs locally. If you would like a change to your subscription please let us know.

Pausing and cancelling

We have been doing our best to accommodate changes to orders and holidays over Easter. Just a reminder that your order can be changed up to each Saturday at 6pm. No longer able to grow the produce ourselves, we’re unable to offer the same flexibility, but we’ll do our best whenever we can. You can also choose to donate your box if you’re away or have a change in schedule 🙂

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