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Filming at Heritage Farm

Kingsley and Hannah Filming at Heritage Farm

Filming at Heritage Farm feels like a really strange concept to us – but it’s been happening on the property over the last couple of months. The farm is looking really good, and the extra space we have in our farmhouse has provided another option for directors. Our focus has been on farm stay and […]

Mornington Peninsula Farm Stay

Heritage Farm Stay bedroom 1

Surprise! We’ve opened up a farm stay! When we first bought our property, the house itself was relatively unimportant. Sure, we’d be living in it, but what we were interested in was the land, and what we could produce from it. We knew we wanted to have an organic, ethical and sustainable farm, and that […]

Heritage Farm Tours

Heritage Farm Tours

We believe that transparency and trust in farming is vital, but this was recently brought home to us in a big way. To give everyone the opportunity to learn more about us, we are hosting someĀ HeritageĀ Farm tours. We’ll share our farming practises, and visitors will be able to check us out in person. Everyone will […]