What’s in Your Veggie Box (28B)

In the small and regular boxes:

Bok Choy – You could steam or stir fry bok choy, but for something a little different here’s a delicious bok choy, beetroot and feta salad, or even this fabulous spicy potato, bok choy and spring onion hash!

Potatoes – For a delightful dinner this week, make Amy’s Green Vegetable and Lentil Cottage Pie using your broccoli and perhaps even some fresh chilli!

Mushrooms – These mushrooms are such a treat, I love them softly pan fried and cooked on pizza, or you could make this beautifully rich creamy mushroom pasta.

Broccoli – Warm up on these chilly nights with a broccoli and carrot top soup, served with some crusty sourdough bread!

Shallots – With a delicate flavour and versatility which pairs well with garlic, you can add shallots to quiches, stir fries, soups, raw in salads or even in with sauteed mushrooms.

Beetroot – Naturally, veggies don’t always need to be enjoyed during lunch and dinner, so why not make a fabulous dessert with this beetroot and chocolate cake?

In the large boxes:

Cauliflower – Gunbritt’s whole roasted cauliflower is truly quite impressive and flavoursome, and she also serves hers with some delicious oven roasted carrots as well!

Chilli – These chillies are seriously hot, and beware of the fact that they are also quite juicy and can unexpectedly spray into your face as you chop them (I never learn). But they are equally superior and unrivalled in the world of chillies and really do add a wonderful heat to stews, pasta, pizza and soup!

Carrots – Amy’s carrot and cumin puree is a ‘celebration of simplicity’, artistically presented, served with a dish of roasted veggies, you’ll love it!

In the fruit boxes:

Pears – For a lovely salad add some finely sliced pears, cooked beets, bok choy, toasted walnuts, feta, shallots and serve with a lemon honey vinaigrette.

Grapefruit – An exciting new addition to our fruit boxes this week! My mum used to eat a grapefruit for breakfast each morning, a nutritious start to the day and a unique and acquired flavour. You could also make a crab, chilli and pink grapefruit salad for a real burst of flavours! For a pre dinner quarantini here’s a pink grapefruit & vodka cooler or for something less alcoholic try a grapefruit, carrot & apple juice.

Mandarins – Create a beautiful salad this week with carrot, mandarin, burrata & walnuts or bake a warm mandarin pudding for dessert!

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