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What’s in your Veggie Box (17A)

Vegetables this week include: beetroot, potatoes, silverbeet, Brazillian starfish chillis, broccolini and yellow squash in the small and medium boxes, plus raddicchio, cucumbers and mushrooms in the large box. Fruit will be lemons, figs and kiwi fruit. In the small and medium boxes: Beetroot – Enjoy it in its natural form by roasting and sprinkled […]

What’s in your Veggie Box (16B)

Steve - Heritage Farm

Vegetables this week include: corn, leaks, pumpkin, beans, carrots and kale for small and medium boxes, plus the large box includes garlic, potatoes and cherry tomatoes. Fruit will be pears, feijoas and apples. Please read our important changes 🙂 In the small and medium boxes: Corn – If you love corn on the cob, why […]

Important Changes

Heritage Farm team - Amy, Boris and Cleo

“The only constant in life, is change” In 2016 Rach and I moved to a humble property in Moorooduc and began our farming journey. Five years on and Heritage Farm has become a chapter in life for a dozen team members, about 30 organic farmers, hundreds of local families, almost a hundred sheep, 500 chooks, […]